dead air
Dead Air is a hilarious, dark comedy about the true meaning of ‘the show must go on’.
Peaks FM, Buxton’s favourite radio station is in trouble after years of funding cuts and the loss of everyone’s favourite DJ, George.
Lucy, the determined Station Manager, must save the station from a hostile takeover by Ramparts Media. She’s arranged a special performance of the cult ‘80s radio thriller, Detective Church and has even managed to convince Hollywood royalty, Dominic Jones, to return for one more performance. As things start to go awry live on air, Lucy begins to suspect sabotage, not unlike the sabotage that Detective Church is uncovering…
With the help of intern Bella and studio technician Paul, can Lucy keep the show on the road and save the Station? And will Detective Church catch this killer?
I was co-director with Debbie Hannan and also composer for this comedy farce produced by Stockroom at Riverside Studios in London.
Photos by Hana Kovacs

This is a 1908's Cop Show theme tune that I created for the show

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