Here are a selection of reviews from shows that I've made. There are more review on each show's homepage.
Crocodile Rock (writer, director, composer)
The Reviews Hub
Scots Gay Arts
Spuds (writer, director, composer)
Corr Blimey
The Herald
'A terrific piece of musical theatre.'
The Mumble
Goldilocks Goes to Greece (writer, director, composer)
Glasgow West End Today​​​​​​​

The Snow Queen (writer, director)
The Herald
Naughty Cat and the Cheesy Moon (writer, director, composer)
The Herald
Flora's Fairy Challenge (writer, director, composer)
'Perfectly pitched tale for younger audiences.'
The Stage
The Herald
Eric the Elf's Chaotic Christmas (writer, director, composer)
'45 exuberant minutes crammed with singalongs and inspired chaos.'
The Herald
A New Life (writer, director, composer)
The Scotsman
All Edinburgh Theatre
Everyoung (writer, director, composer)
The Wee Review
The Scotsman
The Park (writer, videographer, composer)
The Scotsman
The Rise and Inevitable Fall of Lucas Petit (writer, director composer)
The Herald

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