During Lockdown in 2020 I have created a number of videos, sketches and films, this is a collection of that work.
The 'Burn is a dark comedy series that I wrote, produced and directed. Featuring Gavin Mitchell (from Still Game) and a host of brilliant actors, it is a deeply satirical take on small town Scottish life. There are two episodes in this playlist, with hopefully more to come.
That's Not My... is a collection of three short pieces focusing on a drama school struggling to make a new piece during lockdown. Featuring Elena Redmond, Adam Butler, Molly Vevers and Mabel Thomas.
Thomas and Mabel are short animations about an elderly couple during lockdown.
Endless Summer is a song that I composed, recorded and performed. I asked people from around the world to send me some videos that summed up their particular experience in lockdown.
Hancock's Cumming Up are a series of funny musical theatre songs lampooning some of the UK government's major cock-ups during lockdown.  
The Jump is a short film created by third year Royal Conservatoire of Scotland Junior students. I helped them write the script and created the animation and edited the film together.
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